UK Column News - 16th October 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Irish Prime Minister Varadkar optimistic on border issue
Brexit Secretary: UK and EU are working on a revised political declaration
Silence on EU Defence Union: this critical matter still not being openly discussed
Hilary Benn: asked to resign
Huge ComRes survey of 26,000 Britons: 54% support for leaving the EU
MainStream Media trying to remove Brexit details from the headlines…?
BBC spin: have UK voters changed their minds on Brexit…?
BBC article designed to create confusion and move public away from Brexit idea
BBC says research is ‘independent’: meet Brexit Boffin Sir John Curtice
BBC suggests the public don’t need to research – the BBC has done it for you…
A circular system of data creation has been created against Brexit
Participatory Democracy: two very different interpretations of this term
17:42 – New Twitter account: the Office for Veterans’ Affairs – why now…?
This is a scam to silence military veterans who are speaking out
20:28 – Syria: MSM still melting down over US troop pull-out
Is US President Trump trying to remove the deep state from the Middle East…?
MainStream Media has completely overblown the situation to the public
Fake news: US network ABC presents old gun range footage as Turkish attack…
Before social media, nobody would have known…how often has this happened…?
21 Wire article: Kurdish militants cut a deal with Damascus
US deep state has been trying to prevent Syria doing this for years…
21 Wire article: US working with Russia to handover patrols in Manbij
A dangerous situation but also very encouraging
ISIS prisoners let loose…?
In Syria: a tale of two proxies
British MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle cries out for intervention in Syria
Russell-Moyle is in regular contact with the SDF in Syria
BBC News: Raqqa’s dirty secret – SDF facilitated escape of ISIS forces…
43:20 – UK Column meeting tonight in The George, Plympton at 19:30
43:45 – Arms Watch: US weapons trafficking to terrorists
Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: weapons trafficking whistleblower arrested
Serbian MSM attempts to discredit whistleblower and journalist Gaytandzhieva
Public outcry in Serbia causes temporary release of whistleblower
Gaytandzhieva: Investigate the sale of weapons, not arrest the whistleblower…