UK Column News - 16th March 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus (COVID-19) statistics to date
Boris gives suggested advice but doesn’t close UK down
Boris to hold daily press briefings for the near future to provide updated advice
UK government approach is different to other countries who have major shutdowns
Similar approach taken by Singapore, Taiwan & Hong Kong – virus is under control
A look at the average death rate from various viruses worldwide: CV well below TB
The political reaction across the world is unprecedented for the danger involved
CoronaVirus and climate change: the same solutions apply…?
UK Column viewer brings up some very salient points about the CV data being used
Extinction Rebellion hijacks CoronaVirus: YouTube Christian Calgie
Extinction Rebellion suggests marxism and communism are the way forward…
BBC gets hot under the collar over people who challenge the official CV narrative
BBC article writer suggests that the BBC and CNN are widely trusted…
France set up a High Security Lab in Wuhan, China in 2011
FTSE 100 now below 5000, US Federal Reserve drops interest rate to zero
Carnage: Bank Of England now under new leadership
38:46 – British Army acquires five new unmanned AI vehicles
DoT: future of transport regulatory review – call for evidence
41:30 – OFCOM/ICO giving evidence – a discussion of online political advertising
Online Harms legislation to be used to control election interference
42:55 – Alex Salmond on trial: update
45:16 – Scottish Family Party brings up disturbing video being used to teach children
The Scottish government are advocating porn to teach children…