UK Column News - 16th March 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today's news update.

START – Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland ready for chemical weapons attack
Nicola Sturgeon shunned at Scottish music concert…
02:07 – Chemical attack: joint statement from France, Germany, USA and UK
06:30 – USA: pedestrian bridge in Florida collapses killing six
10:24 – UK government: there are four types of child abuse…
12:42 – Scottish Policeman to stand trial for multiple sex assaults and child porn
13:56 – Police Scotland refuse to disclose files on sex assault case against DCC
15:12 – Dunblane massacre relatives show support for Florida shooting families
18:03 – Actor & musician Goldie appears in court via FaceTime from Thailand
21:09 – Homeless in Poole, Dorset to be banned and fined
23:10 – BBC propaganda: why 3 ‘far-right’ activists were refused entry to the UK
Free speech being killed off – the silencing of debate = totalitarianism
29:48 – Defense: NATO unveils annual report – US still the major contributor
32:54 – Civil Servant Victoria Billing OBE laughs as public and voters deceived
36:00 – London School of Economics: meetings held under Chatham House rules
39:49 – Jacob Rees-Mogg: Civil Servants are briefing against their own country
43:50 – Fake news: Treason May’s missiles and ships ready to take on Putin…
47:57 – Decimation of the UK: a criminal cabal now runs the country
50:30 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health - May 12, Nottingham
New Chartist Movement meeting: Sunday March 18, Nottingham