UK Column News - 16th June 2016

START	Sir Cliff Richard will face no further action over allegations
1:20	President Hollande threatens a ban of further demonstrations
4:50	French Ambassador to Russia summoned over Football arrests
7:30	#EUReferendumPsyOp propaganda intensifies with Brexiteers
10:40	Mark Carney issues absurd self-reflexive statement on influence
12:00	Deutsche Bank at record lows whilst fearful investors watch EU
14:20	NATO troop buildup in Syria includes German Armed Forces
18:10	British-Iranian accused of subversive regime-change activities
23:30	‘area of investigation … should be a goldmine for journalists’
24:20	execution of cyberplots within broader Soft Power agendas
26:40	Russia recognised Western NGOs as subversive weapons
28:00	‘the Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove’ weakens states pre-war
29:30	episode I of Insight
30:40	new episode of DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONT
36:10	deathcult in the present age of poppies and ritualism
38:50	Boris Johnson & King David as Hindley & Ian Brady