UK Column News - 16th July 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – President Trump arrives in Helsinki
Presidents Trump & Putin to discuss reducing nuclear arsenals among other things
Nancy Pelosi tweet: Trump must immediately cancel his meeting with Putin
Twitter response: what are you and other Democrats so terrified of…?
Hysteria from political establishment is worse than the cold war years
Russia’s Peskov: Nord Stream 2 is an international project, not Russian-German
Germany planning to close all nuclear power stations by 2022
16:04 – Novichok 2.0: OPCW to ‘independently confirm’ identity of nerve agent
Timing of attack suspicious: same time as Russian World Cup semi-final
OPCW has now been given power to assign blame (without evidence)…
Syria ‘chemical attacks’ could also be dragged into this again
22:17 – Brexit: Justine Greening ‘We need a second referendum…’
DUP seeks legal guarantee over customs border
Brexit derailment could come down to smaller details
26:07 – British government announces space port in Sutherland, Scotland
Lockheed Martin given grants to build rockets for launch
Britain launched satellites with Bluestreak and Black Arrow…now cancelled
31:53 – Integration with China should be reversed – now a US security issue
Financial Times: Trump has full-blown personality disorder…
35:27 – OSCE: Opium production worldwide now highest ever recorded
Afghanistan is the leading producer…particularly since 9/11
41:06 – Syria: terrorists evacuated from Daraa al-Balad to northern Syria
CNN: US & allies discuss evacuating ‘rescue groups’ from Syria
White helmets never operate in Syrian government-held areas…
21 Wire: Syria – the white helmet exodus managed by ‘regime-change’ coalition
Two main areas left to liberate: Idlib and US-occupied north-eastern Syria
47:49 – Robert Inlakesh: why is Gaza on the verge of war with Israel…?
BBC Radio 4: Israel has the right to defend itself from explosive kites