UK Column News - 16th January 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Brexit: the Parliamentary comedy show continues…
Jeremy Corbyn puts forward a motion of no confidence
A second referendum being pushed…?
71 Labour MPs urge Corbyn to swing behind second referendum
70% of voters in Sunderland want a no-deal Brexit
Who is making policy for the government…? Can we trust our MPs…?
10:56 – RAF Juno Jupiter helicopter project: deliberate mis-management…?
EU military unification (procurement) in action
17:08 – French yellow vests: Police now shooting at protestors
MainStream Media silent: more hypocrisy after castigating Syria for the same
Are the armed police even French…?
20:42 – Pippa King: new ‘yellow vulture’ speed cameras now in Devon
Pippa King sends FOI request for more details
25:12 – Ian Crane tip-off on alternative media crackdown to come
Freedom news website lists Vanessa Beeley as a ‘fascist’…
28:21 – BBC: Spanish city protests against devil sculpture
Sculpture of satan is smiling and taking a selfie…the normalisation of evil…?
How the (anonymous) BBC spins a pro-satan line in the story
BBC provided no comments from the 5500 people who have complained
34:08 – What exactly is Trump’s border wall and why does he want $5.7 billion…?
US drug smuggling epidemic: man killed in California, 12 others hospitalised
37:50 – Leaked USS Fitzgerald report paints damning picture of dysfunctional ship
Morale and discipline under deliberate attack within US military as in Britain
RN Commander Ellie Ablett spins statistics to promote her feminist agenda
British military strength pushed to dangerous level