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UK Column News - 16th January 2018

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Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Carillion: Directors under investigation…who’s next…?
09:18 – This is all planned: ‘creative destruction’ - a Marxist doctrine
10:46 – Common Purpose CSC leaders: the Carillion connection
13:00 – Carillion auditors: KPMG with Government control…
19:36 – Resilience: City States agenda – Common Purpose again
25:06 – Common Purpose BBC: 83% of Britons don’t trust the BBC
26:48 – Police investigation for wrongdoing, no investigation into child abuse
27:53 – UKIP leader dumps girlfriend but a duplicitous nature never dies
28:47 – Brexit: more creative chaos…Brexit without the Exit
30:37 – IFS: problem debt and low-income households – organised collapse
33:46 – Hawaii missile scare: just an accident…?
35:37 – Russian TU-160s on patrol in International airspace: RAF scrambled 
37:48 – Consortium News: The FBI hand behind ‘Russia-gate’
39:38 – Syria: Russian diplomat says US not interested in territorial integrity