UK Column News - 16th February 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update:

START – Oxfam: misconduct and abuse enquiry from last year found nothing
04:51 – SNP sex-row minister Mark McDonald receives ‘golden goodbye’
06:21 – Scottish Chief Constable resigns so complaints will never be heard
12:11 – Met Police appoints Sir Stephen House as assistant commissioner... 
15:12 – Peter Cherbi: job should have gone to an independent non-cop
16:48 – Heather Capital £400 million hedge fund fraud: inquiry dropped…
20:47 – Brexit: who is Femi Oluwole…?
23:04 – Former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan: interdependence is essential
27:23 – Brexit – no exit: treason against the people’s democratic mandate
28:28 – 21st Century Wire: France to re-introduce compulsory conscription…?
30:42 – Israel: have they really destroyed up to 50% of Syrian air defence…?
33:08 – Julian Assange: senior judge linked to dark and dirty deep state
38:18 – Craig Murray: Lord Carlile is expert at protecting his associates...
39:44 – Scottish Freedom of Information: grant for information research rejected
42:55 – Fife Council spends almost £50 million on severance payments...
44:00 – The Young Foundation: unaccountable big society at work
45:35 – Participatory Democracy: as long as you agree, you can participate…
46:10 – US Navy Zumwalt Class ship: billions spent, but still not working