UK Column News - 16th December 2019

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Election analysis and further fallout
Queen’s speech scheduled for Thursday 19 December
Dominic Cummings plans to deal with the Civil Service
Will British king Mark Sedwill survive the Civil Service clearout…?
Boris to make £34 billion pledge to NHS in Queen’s speech
Labour MP says biased BBC contributed to Tory election win…
BBC licence fee: is it in jeopardy…?
Institutional reform may become a big future danger
Breitbart ramps up the post-election propaganda:
If Boris can’t counter red menace in education, this is the last Tory government
Times of Israel: anti-semitism and Brexit shatter Corbyn’s dreams of revolution
Who are the Times of Israel journalists…? Meet Alice Ritchie and Robin Millard
Both also write for Lebanese media…
Boris’ government to make it illegal for public bodies to engage with BDS movement…?
Michael Gove pays special thanks to Britain’s Jews – which Jews is he thanking…?
Michael Gove: it’s common sense to be a Zionist
Who really runs the UK…?
17:47 – What happens when you put sanctions on your allies…?
US places sanctions on EU companies
EU’s Heiko Maas: we fundamentally reject foreign interference (despite sanctioning others)
20:33 – Alternative View 10.1 DVDs available from UK Column website shop
21:32 – Climate change: emergency over…?
Still no pressure put on India or China – the world’s biggest polluters
EU and COP25 summit both fail to get signatures from some parties
The Economist: central bankers debate tackling climate change…
Greta Thunberg: travelling home on overcrowded trains through Germany
Deutsche Bahn AG: you were looked after competently in your first-class seat…
26:09 – NCTJ: journalists must call out lies says NCTJ patron Alex Crawford
Is she finally speaking truth to power…or continuing to lie by omission…?
21 Wire article: Sky News collaborates with Idlib terrorists to create Syria war propaganda
OPCW Douma report on chemical weapons: OPCW lied – MSM didn’t call them out…
Peter Hitchens: documents removed from Documents Registry Archive and destroyed
Peter Hitchens needs the support of the public
32:02 – PlymouthLive: the Grimm truth behind your favourite fairytale
Darker and darker material being pumped into people’s minds
Daily Star: scientists discover that mankind’s belief in evil is ‘caused by disease’
Should people be vaccinated to prevent these evil thoughts…?