UK Column News - 15th September 2015

Relax everything is ok - today is International Day of Democracy, Relax John Penrose Minister for the Constitution launches discovering democracy awards, Western democracy spreads worldwide with bullets bombs and death, Bring in the refugees says hypocrite David Cameron as long as Witney is clear, Beechwood child abuse survivor Melanie Shaw loses home tomorrow under Cameron 'safeguarding', Plymouth MP Colvile yet to give evidence to back drone murders, Colvile Streeter Newmark MPs fail to show evidence to justify killings & war, Be scared very scared as ISIS plague threatens death torture rape murder well so the papers say, ISIS threat increases so let's take guns from the law-abiding UK public, Doomwatch 9pm Wednesday 16 Sep 2015, UKColumn meeting George Hotel Plympton 7.30 pm Wednesday 16 Sep 2015, Unknown Treasury spokesperson says prices frozen and wages rise yawn, Hubble bubble as inflation locked down FTSE in trouble and China stirs the pot, Rich potty totty Jolie Pitt in bed wicked Willie Hague to advise Lords on ISIS rape, Be afraid very afraid yawn as Independent exposes right wing ISIS refugee terrorist scam, Justine Greening SecState International Development greening world under 2030 Agenda, Relax Alliance of Religions and Conservation to cradle mankind, Guardian promotes good works of UN in oxymoron initiative, Don't complain Conservatives Nicholas Boles MP and Danny Kruger told us of Conservative plans to unleash chaos