UK Column News - 15th November 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Heaven or Hell…? Donald Tusk speaks at College of Europe
Tusk: unity, unity, unity, unity – the original fascists tried to sell unity from strength…
Tusk on Brexit: UK will become an outsider, a second-rate world player
Tusk’s battle cry: Brexit will be the real end of the British Empire
Unified European defence is essential for a European empire – still no MSM coverage
Nigel Farage speaks at Brexit Party event on European Defence Union
Farage claims that Tories are attempting to poach Brexit Party election candidates
20:17 – Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament: ‘Russia’ report delayed
BBC: foreign election interference – Hillary Clinton speaks on UK election
Russia may be interfering but probably in a good way with their open format media  
Boris: it’s all there in the public domain…
Russia banned many Russian oligarchs…they now live in the UK and fund the Tories
30:47 – BBC 2 Newsnight special: Epstein and the Prince – Saturday at 21:00
Are the BBC going to help cover-up again a la Savile…?
32:12 – Online Harms White Paper: the crushing of free speech on the internet
Information Commissioner: white paper puts constraints over material that is not illegal
There is still no definition of ‘online harm’…
Most ‘harms’ listed in the white paper are already covered by existing laws
Some ‘harms’ seem completely unrelated to others like criticism of politicians
A healthy disrespect of those who rule us is essential to liberty
38:05 – BBC: severe allergic reactions rise in children in England over past five years
Article: vaccines are helping to trigger severe allergies…
Many vaccine ingredients are protected by trade secret and are not listed on packaging
40:06 – Sheku Bayoh death in custody: case update 
Scottish Lord Advocate: no criminal proceedings against Police Scotland
Why should police officers be above the law…?
Cabinet Secretary for Justice: circumstances must be examined in full and in public
Police Scotland hold intelligence file on lawyer representing Bayoh family…