UK Column News - 15th May 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Upcoming NATO leaders meeting: Treason May meets Jens Stoltenberg
NATO also at the EU Foreign Affairs Council – topic: Africa
German Defence Minister and Teflon Tony are on exactly the same page
Africa: Sahel region is of primary strategic importance to the EU…
PESCO also on the EU agenda along with military Artificial Intelligence (AI)
MainStream Media still totally silent on EU defence union…just blame Russia
Shock Russian cyber scam with MSM ‘evidence’ on UK Column
EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis remain
16:14 – Alternative View 10 conference overview: a full house
French lawyer Georgia Pouliquen speaks at AV10 about the yellow vest protests
She shows graphic details of injuries sustained by French protestors: MSM is silent
21:45 – Social media censorship pledge: Christchurch call to action
Censorship will not just be limited to ‘terrorism’ or graphic video content…
Government to announce an ‘independent’ regulator to monitor social media
27:05 – FreeNations article: Imperialist EU shows its hatred of Britain
28:21 – The Guardian has made a small operating profit
Guardian Editor-in-Chief: championing the public interest is an urgent necessity
Guardian video games editor: who is Keza MacDonald…?
The Guardian: attacking the public’s minds at every opportunity
35:47 – Vodafone is launching 5G on 3 July in seven cities
The 5G issue is bringing people together more than any other
39:14 – Russia: Moscow to weave AI face recognition into urban surveillance net
USA: San Francisco is first US city to ban facial recognition
Matt Cagle: SF declares that surveillance is incompatible with a healthy democracy