UK Column News - 15th March 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

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START – Brexit shenanigans: delay is passed in the House
Donald Tusk: EU would be open to a long extension if UK finds it necessary…
UK Column has said since the beginning that Brexit would not happen
The EU: a German-dominated superstate – the Fourth Reich
The Geoffrey Cox legal advice that Theresa May hopes will save her Brexit deal
UK Column article – Brexit: The Constitutional Position
06:11 – Jens Stoltenberg releases the NATO Annual Report
‘…an unprecedented degree of cooperation between NATO and the EU’
Joint Intelligence & Security Division has improved civil-military coordination…
Westminster politicians are silent on this matter
UK Column article – Military Union: British Government Policy since 1948
European Defence Union: EU global strategy on foreign and security policy
NATO attacks both genders and links them to terrorism
15:38 – Boris under attack for comments made during LBC radio interview
Why are these thoughts in his head…? Was his language weaponised deliberately…?
Speaker of the House avoids point of order response but responds to another…
Scotland: Mike Russell under fire over Brexit Tory traitor claims
Scottish Liberal Democrats suspend David Steel over Cyril Smith remarks
David Steel nominated Cyril Smith for a knighthood…
David Steel (on Smith abusing children): it had nothing to do with me
Everywhere we look within politics, we find the abuse of children
Are we to believe that our politicians are so naive…? Many reasons to do nothing…
Westminster squirming as evidence mounts to show that politicians abuse children
…and the system has been covering it up
Steel tries to spin the truth to blame the media – this is an orchestrated cover-up
Vince Cable (Senior representative of the Lib Dem party) – silence…
Nick Clegg: leads the tributes to Cyril Smith in 2010
Guardian 2013: Nick Clegg ignored letters from lawyers over Cyril Smith claims
Nick Clegg now earning a million pounds a year with Facebook
Clegg 2014: allegations of Westminster paedophile ring are a ‘police matter’
Leon Brittan: the Tory who discovered Nick Clegg…
Journalists silenced by the state from exposing child abuse by British politicians
UK Column article 2013: who nominated Jimmy Savile for his knighthood…?
Shamed politician’s daughter has job looking after Rotherham abuse victims
Child abuse and blackmail: the engine of the British political system
50:00 – Gilad Atzmon: under attack from Jewish group Jewdas
Atzmon’s concert going ahead tonight at the Vortex Jazz Club – Dalston, London