UK Column News - 15th June 2016

START	‘No case to answer…’ : the unlawful abduction of Guy Taylor
8:20	Guy explains the Common Purpose to the Judge
11:10	Freeman on the Land Dossier discriminates against activists
13:30	Birkenhead : Judge Arrested for Discarding Oath of Office
14:40	Melanie Shaw imprisoned yet again (HMP Peterborough)
17:20	extensive links within high level network of child abusers
20:50	#EUReferendumPsyOp & ‘ever closer Military Union’
27:40	North Atlantic Treaty Organisation rhetoric escalates
33:20	Rule No. I ‘Don’t go up against the Russian Bear…’
34:00	crisis of morale in British Forces : Navy worst of all
37:10	the long & dismal road to EU Armed Forces Day
39:30	disabilities used as a weapon to control business
42:40	L E A D E R S H I P : subversion & the FCO
45:50	transformation via political Transhumanism
49:20	‘serious dirty work going on in Whitehall…’