UK Column News - 15th January 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

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START – Boris: let’s have a Trump deal
Boris on JCPoA Iran nuclear deal: the agreement is flawed
Parliamentary press briefings moved from Westminster to Downing Street   
09:44 – BBC: Manchester sex abuse – exploited children ‘were not protected’
BBC crows after years of its own abuse cover-ups…
The reality is that brave whistleblowers have forced the lid off child abuse in the UK
An assurance review of Operation Augusta – report is ‘independent’
Report gives no check of the accuracy or completeness of the information provided…
Assurance team leader: who is Malcolm Newsam CBE…?
Who are assurance report producers Imprana Ltd. and GKR Partnership…?
GKR Partnership are risk management consultants: what is at risk…?
Malcolm Newsam was paid over £1200 per day as a temp for Kent County Council
Newsam under fire from Northampton councillors over lack of visibility & accountability
Council services for children being changed into trusts – losing all accountability
We ‘assure’ the public we’ve investigated ourselves fully…
The same pattern has now emerged in Rotherham, Manchester, Rochdale, Nottingham etc.
A common theme through all of this: Common Purpose…
What the report is really doing: instigating political change not child protection
IICSA still not investigating Westminster child abuse and the cover-up by politicians  
UK Column articles: The Common Purpose Effect by Martin Edwards
29:40 – UK Column meeting tonight at the George, Plympton around 19:30
Melanie Shaw doing well but information has to be limited at this time
30:54 – The EU’s ‘man on the moon’ moment
Von Der Leyen very excited to launch EU Green New Deal…
Mark Carnage: companies that don’t get involved in green projects will go bankrupt
BlackRock investment website changes to match sustainability agenda
Green New Deal is a very dangerous prospect for humanity
36:05 – Extinction Rebellion: counter-terrorism police list group as ‘extremist’ in guide
Why are Police now backing off from their original statements…?
The whole Counter Terrorism – Extinction Rebellion narrative is simply not credible
45:23 – Armed Policing code strengthened
Cornwall: inquest into death of man tasered by Police starts today
£10 million extra allocated for Police tasers – Police policy seems very confused