UK Column News - 15th January 2018

Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Carillion bust: 48,500 jobs at risk, £680m pension deficit…
09:08 – UK Census 2021: public consultations taking place
14:44 – City agenda: Sadiq Khan meets mayor of Bengaluru
21:24 – USA: award-winning journalist comes clean on media control
25:41 – Media collusion in Bundy trial…?
31:35 – BBC: Myanmar back on the agenda…Burmese military or ISIS…?
35:15 – UNHCR: ‘Rohingya are stateless’…what are Human Rights…?
38:39 – Rohingya being vaccinated: UK Aid ‘working tirelessly...’
42:27 – Hawaii: fake inbound ballistic missile...testing public reaction…?