UK Column News - 15th February 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Mark Anderson and Alex Thomson for today's news programme, including:

START     Mike Robinson reports from the UK premiere of VAXXED, and has a brief conversation with Dr Andrew Wakefield
07:30      Response from Gary Streeter MP on the issue of fake news
10:55      Sarah Wollaston: prison health care not my problem
15:10      NATO defence ministers meeting: will Georgia join?
22:38      More on the World Government Summit
29:50      Mark Anderson updates on the Trump Flynn resignation
35:00      Shifting political sands in the Netherlands
40:00      Nick Clegg: supporting the "right to stay"
41:30      A two speed EU: Junker declares Britain should not be allowed to be sovereign
47:00     Broad recognition that EUNAFFOR (sic) is a scam