UK Column News - 15th April 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Touch it and you’re a terrorist…
Areas overseas to be off-limits to journalists unless you carry recognised press pass
United Nations inspector likens new laws to ‘thought crime’
One stage further in creating a dictatorship in the UK – shutting down press freedom
JCHR says new offence risks criminalising legitimate research and curiosity
Are journalists going to be silenced to allow government to cover its tracks…?
8:57 – Sajid Javid: Stop and Search saves lives
Government trying to justify bringing in more Stop and Search powers…
All this new legislation brought in while the MSM is covering Brexit 24/7
11:42 – Cardinal Pell abuse case: press restrictions in place – journalists prosecuted
13:40 – Julia Hartley-Brewer tweets: how utterly ridiculous
UK Column article: Censored
16:52 – Protest outside prison holding Julian Assange – update
George Galloway: if people don’t stand up for Julian Assange, we will all suffer
18:25 – Legal Aid given to ‘ISIS bride’
How did she leave the UK aged under 18 without a passport…?
20:00 – Crowd funder underway for Robert Stuart: Saving Syria’s Children
21:02 – Chinese Navy pushes out promo video – in far better shape than Royal Navy
Royal Navy dismisses nuclear submarine sailors for cocaine and prostitute parties
Royal Navy suffering a (deliberate) major breakdown in morale and discipline
Government military recruitment now handled by Capita…
British Army chief mocked on Twitter for ‘laughable’ video on military scandals
The public picked up on the mannerisms of the video: the ‘schoolmaster’ approach
27:22 – EU military unification: Rheinmetall/BAE Systems merger under consideration
Unification and integration continues to accelerate behind the scenes…
29:32 – Treason May’s Article 50 extension illegal, will be challenged in the courts
Prime Minster has no such powers to extend: leave date still legally March 29
32:20 – Finance: derivatives are still too dangerous
Article highlights the danger to financial system as a whole from derivatives
Toxic loans with stand alone or embedded interest rate swap under investigation
Noel Edmonds says he has evidence of ‘police cover-up’ in Lloyds Bank scandal
PPI scam forced to pay back to private customers but not small businesses
Thames Valley Police: Anthony Stansfeld standing up to be counted
Avon and Somerset Police: are they shy of major banking fraud…?
BBC 2018: Avon and Somerset police chief Andy Marsh to be investigated
A&S MAPPA: keeping secret records on public while managing their own reputation
44:33 – GCHQ codebreakers crack the cryptic code of Frank Sidebottom but…
GCHQ not so good on cracking communications of child abusers