UK Column News - 14th October 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley for today's UK Column News.

00.24 - Why were the UK Passport Office giving medical advice - a look at Common Pass and World Economic Forum backed biosecurity travle restrictions.


ONS & HM Passport Office Medical Advice: -…

Tobias Ellwood Statement: -…

The Commons Project (Common Pass): -

Sunderland Echo: -…

04:41 - Breakdown of the UK: looking at the centralised power and control being built by the Cabinet Office. 

07:40 - Red Pill Germany (RPG) - analysis of excess mortality comparing flu to COVID 19


RPG-Video: -

12:25 - The Big Vitamin D Mistake - look at another peer reviewed paper highlighting the importance of Vitamin D to immunity


Peer Reviewed Paper: -

14:11 - Amnesty International Report Lockdown failures which increased the risks to the most vulnerable. 


Amnesty International Article: -…

Link To Report: -

16:11 - The Great Big Dutch Hammer - looking at how the same disastrous policies are adopted across Europe. The impact on the economy and unemployment. 


Dutch News: -…

17:15 - European Economic News - economic destruction continues.


Eurostat: -…

Andrea Enria Statement: -…

20:44 - Working from home - the tax, health and safety and social implications of the new work from home economy. 


UK Gov Tax Relief: -

HSE: -

22:53 - Vanessa Beeley - A clear, proposed propaganda attack on independent media and academics by the BBC. The threatening of journalists with legal action by the BBC. 


Middle East Eye Article: -…

Link To Leaked Documents: -

Chloe Hadjimatheou - Questions and statements to Vanessa Beeley -

The New Jihadism Paper: -…

Saving Syria's Children Robert Stuart Report: -

BBC Media Action Country Case Study Syria: -

Telegraph Article - BBC Fake News -

44:46 - Failure of Government Ministers to respond to the important questions from the electorate - Responses are being fielded by Cabinet 


COVID 19 Hub (HCID??) -

47:06 - Exeter's Igloos (dining pods) - looking at the breakdown of democratic processes and disregard 


Devon Online: -…

East Devon News: -…

They Work For You Notice: -

Earl of Devon Statement: -

54:00 - Have MP's Lost the Plot? The pernicious impact of the party whip system. The reneging of parliamentary responsibility by MP's. 

63:41 - Devon and Cornwall Police Video - looking at use of public funds to make transgender awareness cartoons. (A tomatoe is a fruit btw)


Devon and Cornwall Police Video Tweet -