UK Column News - 14th October 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – The State opening of Parliament – Queen wears the wrong hat (again)
Brexit negotiations continue…Boris’ deal is Treason May’s old deal…?
Channel 4 News: complaint sent regarding comments by Jon Snow 
What is Channel 4…factual entertainment…?
Channel 4: a behavioural change agent without public mandate
Channel 4 claims a YouGov survey as ‘statistical fact’…
Channel 4 being integrated into future City States to change public behaviour
Channel 4 Chief Executive: meet Alex Mahon and her £900K annual salary
20:08 – Climate change: IMF now getting involved to increase carbon taxes…
Carbon tax credits to be used to pay Universal Basic Income: state dependence
22:58 – GcMAF case: David Noakes and Lyn Thyer latest information
25:30 – UK government torture: UK breaching international law over ‘cover up’
Treason May prevented sharing of information
27:33 – Syrian troops enter Kurdish fight against Turkish forces
US President Trump being blamed for a political agenda
Syria on the agenda of EU foreign ministers
30:54 – Dominic Raab speaks at NATO parliamentary assembly yesterday
Raab: We must…respond to Russia’s patterns of aggression, malign activity & abuse
NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg makes the same case for ‘our’ democracy…
NATO must stand firm on Russia, boost support for Ukraine, NATO warns
European Council renews sanctions against Russia…again
But, the Tories are still taking money from Russian sources…
35:13 – EC’s Von der Leyen: Africa is a place we need to be able to act as Europeans
NATO: lawmakers press for closer NATO security cooperation with Africa
Success: two F-35 fighters have landed on the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth
EU Defence Union: the combined European force is developing nicely…