UK Column News - 14th November 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – EU military unification: Macron wants ‘a true European military’
Merkel: ‘We should work towards the vision of creating a true European Army’
Guy Verhofstadt: EU military needed because...Putin
European national militaries have been deliberately collapsed to create the need
Whipped British politicians: a wall of silence on this subject
Treason May busy signing away Britain’s military to the EU via PESCO
EU law to remain as British law…?
Control of borders: border control useless if the military is not under our control
MPs are not receiving accurate information to make sound decisions
Brexit: the ‘Deal’ - it’s a secret…
Boris: for the first time in a thousand years, Parliament won’t have a say in our laws
Westminster theatre: high-level politicians have no power whatsoever on Brexit
DUP: draft Brexit deal undermines constitutional and economic integrity of the UK
Northern Irish border control is irrelevant without control of defence website: Brexit Communications Grid Summary
President Trump’s reaction to Macron’s call for EU military
EU military unification: debate in Russia, debate in the USA, silence in Britain…
24:33 – Ian Crane: Humanity versus Insanity – Thursday 15th November 7:30pm
Alternative View 9.1 conference – Democracy in Chains: 2 December, London
25:08 – Who’s running the country…? Hidden actors, thinktanks, Common Purpose…
Common Purpose also worked in Libya…funded by the EU
Before Common Purpose, Libyan people didn’t know how to run their country…?
EU-funded Common Purpose targets women and children in Libya…
David Cameron promoted Common Purpose in India…with help from the BBC
American Express promotes Common Purpose – a secret network behind the scenes
Common Purpose & American Express have appointed themselves to train ‘leaders’
BBC 2 new series: Inside the Foreign Office – keeping power and influence…
BBC Director of World Service Group: who is Jamie Angus…?
BBC: heavy targeting of India by ‘fake news’ teams and Common Purpose
BBC – who do they want us to believe on ‘fake news’…who is Zoe Kleinman…?
BBC news & technology reporter: who is Chris Fox…?
The real media today is the independent media – MainStream Media is dead
41:56 – 5G: 1970s US Naval Medical Research Institute report warns of dangers
43:51 – Norwegian Frigate sinks: hit by a tanker or was it…?