UK Column News - 14th June 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – US video says it shows Iran’s military recovering mine from oil tanker
Iran vehemently denies any involvement in oil tanker attack
Is this another false flag attack like the Gulf of Tonkin…?
NATO Exercise Noble Jump taking place in Poland at the moment
US President Trump reaffirms close relationship with Poland
NATO also in Estonia with Exercise Baltops 2019
13:58 – GcMAF: Lyn Thyer’s stop-start extradition with strange goings-on…
British state does not want further information of GcMAF getting into public arena
16:43 – Grenfell Tower tragedy second anniversary: cladding removal update
Building companies £200 million cladding removal is an admission of liability
UK Column article – Grenfell: Why the Fire Regulations Failed
19:16 – Government decides to put £40 million more into 5G testbed
None of this money seems to be going into testing the health risks
Jeremy Wright DCMS Secretary: 5G is about more than having a fast connection…
No risk examination of 5G – just like the pharmaceutical industry
22:00 – Prüm: Brexit…what Brexit…? UK to continue to share DNA with EU
24:05 – Philip Hammond: dividing line between tories and labour is economic responsibility
26:50 – Milkshake attacks: Jo Brand suggests battery acid would be better…
Brand now being investigated by Police for incitement to violence
Hate speech hypocrisy: some people criminalised for ‘jokes’ some people not – 
We are entering an Orwellian future: feminist Julie Bindel accused of being a ‘nazi’
Parliamentarians are running from free speech debate
UK Column article: Defending the Indefensible
33:38 – UKC meeting: The Briefing – Twitter activism: a demonstration – 19 June
Alternative View 10 DVDs available for pre-order on UK Column website
Green & Sustainable talk: 18 June, Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes 19:00
35:20 – Growing threat from ‘far right’ as white extremist arrests rise
There seems a great effort to encourage ‘far right’ extremism by selling the idea…
Where are the ‘far right’…? Patriots are now terrorists…?
Definition of the ‘far right’ created by government but not clarified to the public
40:28 – Birmingham school LGBT lessons protest: who funds Katie Hopkins…?
Hopkins works for Rebel Media as does Tommy Robinson
Hopkins doesn’t ask who created the immigration problem in the first place…
Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins: propaganda puppets of Fox News
American Conservative Union in the background: who are they…?
46:20 – Labour bans criticism of dangerous sex education under smokescreen of LGBT
Haters: only those with a particular political ideology…