UK Column News - 14th February 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – Boris’ cabinet reshuffle: Sajid Javid is gone
Ben Wallace remains as Defence Secretary
A closer look at some of the other cabinet changes
08:02 – Middle East: what is Turkey’s real plan in Syria…?
Turkey’s grey wolf: meet Devlet Bahçeli
AP: Turkey deploys extremists to Libya, local militias say
Turkey repeats ‘no recognition’ of Russia’s annexation of Crimea…
Ukraine to receive military aid from Turkey
The political dance: Erdoğan’s Turkish Twist
Turkey is pursuing a Neo-Ottoman agenda 
20:25 – Munich Security Conference begins today
A look at the participants from around the world
24:21 – Attempt to prevent US President Trump taking future military action fails
Why was this not done decades ago…?
27:12 – NATO Defence Minsters meeting update on the war with ISIS terrorists
Who has really been destroying ISIS terrorists…?
Another Nato exercise is coming to an end in Lithuania
29 NATO exercises in 2019: all 29 had Russia as the supposed foe…
31:22 – USA: four prosecutors quit Roger Stone case in dispute over sentence
Head Juror in the case is an anti-Trump activist – is a mis-trial ahead…?
21 Wire article: the Stalinist show trial of Roger Stone
Stone’s conviction is aimed at keeping the Russiagate narrative going…
38:02 – UK Ambassador to UN: Karen Pierce’s hypocrisy on show for all to see
When will the UK start investigating Teflon Tone for conflict-related crimes…?