UK Column News - 14th December 2017

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

START – Theresa May at European Council summit after losing Commons Brexit vote
01:05 – Lebanon: protests ongoing against Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision
08:04 – Andrew Mitchell MP tries to justify weapon sales to Saudi Arabia
18:01 – European Council meeting today: analysing the agenda
27:15 – UK Defence Minister claims UK will be an EU "third country" ... but what does that mean in practice?
30:16 – EU military union: still silence from UK MainStream Media
32:57 – John Lehman: China Russia Iran threaten new Pearl Harbor
34:39 – NATO hysterical: Russia ‘undermines regional stability and peace...’
42:51 – Six month anniversary and memorial service for Grenfell Tower fire victims and survivors
44:26 – New OFCOM chairman: ex-Santander - who is Lord Terry Burns…?
48:55 – Sky News now owned by Disney following on $60 billion Fox deal