UK Column News - 13th September 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Boris goes to Luxembourg for Brexit meeting
Teflon Tony, Mandelson & Soros ‘pulling the strings’ of the remain alliance
The Heritage Foundation: Professor Gwythian Prins speaks out
Treason May’s ‘pro-EU’ cell: she has gone but does her cell still control the UK…?
Largest democratic mandate in British history – people’s votes count for nothing
EU’s Von Der Leyen: further bold steps towards a genuine European Defence Union
Von Der Leyen aiming to remove the veto option from EU countries
Brussels wants total, centralised command and control of all EU-zone militaries…
EU Defence Union also includes all nuclear weapons to be under EU control
The final pillars of EU defence union are being put into place
EU desperate to get UK into the defence union for full control of EU states
British Army, Navy and Air Force to be subordinate to EU military control
MainStream Media still totally silent on this critically important issue…
27:00 – Ian R. Crane’s 5G tour continues tonight in Brighton
30:26 – University of Alaska Fairbanks releases 9/11 video debunking official report
Fire did not cause the collapse of World Trade Centre building 7…
35:08 – OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum 2019
French Finance Minister Le Maire on Libra: the monetary policy of States is at stake
Bank of England’s Mark Carnage is a big fan of the Libra project…
40:02 – Public Service News: in danger of irrelevance – the picture seems bleak
BBC Radio 4 arrogance: impartial journalism in a polarised world
Big news brands ‘less trusted by the political right and populists’
Fake news: MainStream Media is full of positive discrimination and bias
MainStream Media: a controlled propaganda tool – Pravda would be proud
UK Column almost alone in bringing information on EU military union
Melanie Shaw: protest planned at Rampton not wanted or asked for by Melanie