UK Column News - 13th October 2015

Figures indicate the number of minutes into the broadcast at which the item in question commences.


1’]    Update on Melanie Shaw: she is still in her own home, without furniture or utilities, awaiting eviction.

Justice Goddard still refuses to reply to enquiries on what she will do to protect Melanie Shaw.
“Nobody should have any confidence in going forward to the Goddard Inquiry,” Brian Gerrish says.

2’]    The Daily Express does a hatchet job on Tom Watson MP for having dared to mention allegations against the late Sir Leon Brittan. However, the Daily Mirror now reports that retired policemen are talking about having had paedophile investigations closed down by orders from on high.

A review of previous instances of police inquiries into paedophilia being halted when they uncovered alleged involvement by VIPs.

5’]    A confidential memo by Chief Inspector (now Dame) Denise Platt is shown on screen which the Mirror used to report that there had been a perceived cover-up in Liverpool and the London Borough of Lambeth.

Paul Boateng was involved in a perceived conflict of interest. Once again, all roads seem to lead back to the NSPCC, Mike Robinson observes.

8’]    Aleksandr Lukashenko has been re-elected as President of Belarus and, as predicted by the UK Column, the EU continues to try to woo him away from his ally of 20 years’ standing, President Putin. The EU has suspended sanctions against Belarus to lure him to Western allegiance. The country is strategically located between Poland and Russia.

9’]    The Dutch Safety Board has issued its report on the MH17 crash of last summer. RT raises four questions arising from this DSB report.

14’]    Al-Nusra Front (the “friendly” terrorists in Syria) has called on Caucasus jihadists to start attacking Russia.

15’]    President Putin has warned directly that the West is being run by Satanists.

18’]    Using a schematic diagram on screen, Gerrish runs through who it was who was happy to bring Satanism into the British armed forces:
Tony Blair
Geoff Hoon
Admiral Alan West
ACM Sir Jock Stirrup
Gen Sir Mike Jackson

19’]   In his latest speech “Increasing efficiency in criminal justice while respecting human rights”, Lord Levson once again demands that serving judges should not involve themselves in political questions.

The Daily Mail reports, however, that lawyers and retired judges are doing exactly that, this time on the refugee issue.

Max Hastings deplores the trend for lawyers to wade into the immigration debate: 

Robinson points out that Hastings’ argument makes Leveson’s position untenable, as his pronouncements strongly influence more junior judges.

24’]    Actor-weatherman and former Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament Lloyd Quinan told an audience in 2014 that people who were going to vote “No” in the then forthcoming Scottish independence were bad parents.

Gerrish reviews what the SNP has been up to: gagging its own elected representatives from speaking out. “This is a fascistic form of government; unbelievably dangerous.”

27’]    The Lancashire Telegraph carries details of swingeing cuts to policing.

29’]    PC Rich Bridger has not been punished for his outburst

30’]    The Plymouth Herald gloats over how easy it is now for police to throw people out of their homes.

31’]    Like Lancashire, Devon & Cornwall Police has shed a couple of thousand officers, and now a security firm that has only been in existence for a year and a half, Axien Security Ltd., will have “Rangers” policing Plymouth city centre.

The Plymouth Herald speaks of the “inevitability of private policing”.

Gerrish calls private police “a cheapo profit-making version with no accountability”.

32’]    “The fascistic agenda is being drifted into Britain now,” says Gerrish.

33’]    Matt Drudge has been told directly by a Supreme Court judge in the U.S., Richard Posner, that copyright law will be applied to ban news aggregation sites such as The Drudge Report.

37’]    Robinson points out that there is desperation in the Establishment at the speed with which people are waking up, hence this decision to effectively ban the Internet.

38’]    On TTIP: Peter Mandelson’s successor as European Commissioner for Trade is “icy cold” that she “does not take her mandate from the European people”.

39’]    As the UK Column has been stating for a long time, “behavioural science” is now being exposed as made-up and not repeatable, verifiable science.

Where does this leave the basing of UK, French and U.S. “behavioural insights” policies that are now being spun out across the world?

40’]    Pollster Peter Kellner of YouGov (the domestic partner of Lady Catherine Ashton, the last EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs) writes that “Europe’s federalist dream is already dead”: 

Kellner is seeking here, Robinson says, to reassure the reader that the “dragon” of Lisbon Treaty federalism is no longer a risk (i.e. that there is no need for the UK to leave the EU after all), but this is misrepresentation.

46’]    No news tomorrow; back on Thursday.