UK Column News - 13th November 2019

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Media freedom: whistleblowers asked to hand info to HM government
Counter-terrorism is being used as the excuse
Participatory Democracy = total media control
Full Fact will ‘fact check’ the 2019 elections…
The Guardian has already signed up for Fact Check – who checks the checkers…?
Guardian poison: let’s remind ourselves of all the times men tried to assault us and failed
Who is Guardian writer Dorothy Byrne…?
BBC conflation: hearsay creates a headline on climate change without evidence…
BBC then fans the flames of their war on the sexes
BBC continues its attack on the public mind: why dad killed mum
15:21 – EU Defence Union: 16 missions are ongoing under the EU flag…
African Sahel region is of prime importance to the EU – why now…?
UK government busy pushing out the Fusion Doctrine internationally
EU plans to spend €8 billion in the Sahel region alone
World powers are coming together in this region creating a dangerous situation
The EU is being carefully positioned as a new world power…
UK Column article: EU Defence Union – what is EI2…?
Iran: joint E3/High Representative statement on the Iran nuclear deal
EU is upping the stakes: first Africa, now Iran
Mail Online propaganda on the death of James Le Mesurier 
25:22 – UK Column lifetime membership vouchers available for Christmas
Alternative View 10.1 conference videos now available via UK Column website
26:18 – The money behind EU defence union: the European Monetary Fund (EMF)
EU banking union: an essential compliment to economic and monetary union
Merkel opens door to deputy’s plan for Europe’s banking union
Merkel: banking union must be completed to safeguard the stability of the Euro
30:05 – As the IICSA child abuse inquiry continues its white wash…a new focus on children
Guardian article was written by Virginia Bottomley: children are not possessions
Everyone cares about children: why this sudden governmental concern for them…?
37:32 – MSM twists the narrative: Hong Kong police shoot protester, man set on fire 
Hong Kong protesters (backed by UK, USA et al) are going way overboard