UK Column News - 13th May 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – The UK government’s CoronaVirus (COVID-19) recovery strategy
50,000 UK excess deaths – how many have been caused by the lockup…?
Boris knows that Behavioural Insights team have been ramping up fear via the media
Sky News: care homes ‘almost compelled’ to take people who may have COVID-19
Bill Gates: ‘Pandemic 2’ happening in the imminent future – how does he know…?
Government able to label regular winter flu as CoronaVirus in future as it pleases…
New Joint Biosecurity Centre – meet centre head Tom Hurd (son of Douglas Hurd)
JBC has a vested interest in keeping the threat level high to maintain its existence
Douglas Hurd: fluent in Chinese & (along with Francis Maud) signed Maastricht Treaty
How is the UK government really being run…? Meet king Mark Sedwill
Government furlough scheme: the most expensive unemployment benefit on the planet
How will government raise the money to pay for all these benefits…?
A rapid re-engineering of government’s structure & institutions is underway…
Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer echoes government CV advice: advice becomes threat
Where is evidence for the benefit of social distancing and the two metre rule…?
Twitter: covert censorship on social media – Behavioural Insights team hard at work
The Lancet: monitoring BI related to CV – report links to World Health Organisation
32:57 – UK Column gets email from Australia on MainStream Media CV propaganda
China inspiring Italy…? Welcome to the New World Order…
Vanessa Beeley: children should not be deprived of censory contact
The minds of children are being damaged and depressed
Dutch dining alone…distancing in Germany with plastic head bubble
Mail Online: ‘bubble’ socialising could start from next month…
Public identify the danger of an unsubstantiated science label
40:35 – Genomics England commissioned to sequence whole genomes of CV patients
Gordon & Sarah Brown: global leaders demand G20 task force to co-ordinate CV response
Soros seizes the moment: CoronaVirus endangers the survival of ‘our’ civilisation
The Post by UnHerd: has Germany just blown up the Eurozone…?
Soros suggests issuing consolidated bonds – never to be fully repaid
Beware the subscription model…
47:51 – Cabinet Office effectively running the UK government: non-executive directors…
Directors are usually only involved in corporations…is government now a corporation…?
Common Purpose connections and lobbying organisations in the heart of government
What does the Cabinet Office really do…should it even exist…?