UK Column News - 13th March 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus (COVID-19) update
Italy deploys 7,000 soldiers armed with machine guns along coastline
Some European countries close universities, museums, theatres, cinemas…
US President Trump bans travel from EU to USA – Brexit Britain not included
FTSE 100 plummets but then recovers somewhat
21 Wire article: list of ‘mass gatherings’ and events canceled due to CoronaVirus fears
Boris makes statement on CoronaVirus
MSM accuses Boris of ‘killing’ UK citizens – the same is happening to Trump in the US…
Low wage earners will be the first to suffer financial problems
What are the implications of this worldwide ‘shutdown’ action…? A new lexicon…
Will there be permanent health & safety culture changes going forward…?
Just a coincidence: the outcome of new policies may be similar to climate policies…
MainStream Media cynically uses the virus to pit young people against older people
The climate ‘crisis’ is also pitting young versus old – shades of communism…?
23:45 – MH17: The Trial event and press conference in the Hague update
Three of the four accused are being tried in absentia – trial may take up to five years
The accused have been put on trial before investigations are completed…
29:31 – Syria: UK sends more aid to Idlib
Defence Secretary Ben Wallace: 300 families will benefit – which families exactly…?
31:10 – Chelsea Manning refused to testify against Julian Assange and Wikileaks
Judge orders Manning and Jeremy Hammond to be released from jail
Manning has been held and tortured to give evidence: what happened to people’s rights…?
Where is the outrage from ‘social justice’ groups and liberal activists…?
People must remember that this could be done to anyone…
37:20 – OFCOM and ICNIRP: 5G is completely safe
Why is the Precautionary Principal used for CoronaVirus but not for 5G…?