UK Column News - 13th March 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Treason May “I will make a success of Brexit…”
May loses her voice during response to no vote and is losing control of the Tory party
Vote against no deal tonight, vote to extend the leave date tomorrow…
This is all orchestrated chaos as stated by Nick Boles MP and Danny Kruger
The Northern Irish border issue continues
Jeremy Corbyn’s position: a general election is needed
The British Constitution: a primer and warning – a dictatorship is building…
The British government is now hostile to the people – a breach of sovereignty exists
UK Column article – Brexit: The Constitutional Position
16:58 – GcMAF case update: extradition hearing was well supported by the public
A follow-up hearing (part 2) will take place in approximately two weeks
France will also attempt extradition of David Noakes on his release…
21:58 – Those nasty Russians: Daily Express – World War 3 warning
The Rand Corporation: a non-profit ‘independent’ institution – who are they…?
The Rand Corporation: how are they funded…?
Daily Express: fake or planted misleading ‘news’
26:20 – An audience with Mark Steele on 5G: 16 March – Totnes, Devon
Time to get emotional about trees
28:30 – Boris on LBC: £60 million ‘spaffed up the wall’ on historic child abuse
Questions for ex-MI5 boss over abuse MP
Thatcher minister Peter Morrison was KGB blackmail risk, abuse inquiry told
Baroness Jay: ‘we are setting an agenda for the IICSA Westminster inquiry’
The inquiry is an orchestrated cover-up: ‘this investigation is not examining the truth’
More and more evidence coming to light to show that the inquiry is a cover-up
Victims and survivors encouraged to come forward so they can be ‘filtered’ by inquiry
Melanie Shaw: currently held in Rampton – another court hearing due 2 April 2019
Melanie is a key child abuse whistleblower being silenced by the state
39:29 – Daily Express: Putin flexes military muscles: ‘we are combat ready’
In contrast the UK is not combat ready thanks to Gavin Williamson