UK Column News - 13th July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – President Trump is here: ‘There will be no trade deal’
Trump criticises Sadiq Khan on London
Trump administration wants US Senate to lift restrictions on F-35s to Turkey
04:00 – Brexit: white paper announced without copies being available to HoC
HoC Speaker Bercow suspends House for five minutes to read entire paper…
White paper was given to press three hours before House of Commons
Concealing the white paper was deliberate…democracy is over
Britain is to be tied into EU defence structure via EDA, Pesco & EDF
Brexit without the exit – Britain being tied into the EU more deeply than ever
19:24 – European Affairs Council meeting coming up: EU expansionism
21:19 – Tommy Robinson: MEF organises 25,000 strong protest in support
Middle East Forum: promotes ‘American interests’ in the Middle East
Middle East Forum vacancy: Israel director for the Israel Victory Project…
UK MainStream Media ramps up concerns and fears about immigration
Migrant crisis used to demonise Russia
Immigration as a political weapon to undermine society
Promote Asian child abuse cases...suppress abuse across other racial groups
Lin Homer: Common Purpose trained change agent promoted for chaos
These people know full well what they are doing…
Meet the migration policy makers – all part of Cameron’s Big Society
Approximate immigration time line and statistics
Policy for social breakdown & violence on the streets: ‘creative chaos’