UK Column News - 13th July 2016

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column, including:

START    British Ambassador Rycroft speaks in protection of ISIS
03:49    Disingenuous portrayals of terrorists & the Syrian war
04:52    Secretary of State admits Moderate Rebel fantasies
07:43    Loaded term : ‘the Regime’ demonises average Syrians
09:06    SAS chief furious about British assassination squads in Iraq
12:32    Trial for war crimes in the Hague : Blair ought to be judged
13:54    Illegal procurements market is a death-racket of Intrigue
15:43    NATO & the EU to become one single organisation
20:51    Expansionist psychopaths reign within social ‘services’
23:28    Magna Carta : a constitutional overview from Mike Robinson
26:49    Deutsche Bank & Brexit amidst Mythic economic consequences
29:24    Irish attitudes towards the totalitarian European Union project
31:03    Husband of impending Prime Minister deep in transnationalism
32:59    A “Party leader (…) eighty percent of (Labour) MPs do not want.”
38:27    21st Century Wire breaks down a False Dialectic of political violence
40:51    HSBC Money-laundering forgiven out of criminal interdependence
42:12    ‘The FBI & emails - patronage & banks : In short - This is a Mafia.’