UK Column News - 13th January 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and David Ellis with today's UK Column News.

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START – Brexit celebrations planned for 2022…
Northern Ireland Assembly returns after three years
Assembly members have received full salaries for the three years it was dormant
An all-female leadership: love and compassion will now rule in Ireland…
Scottish independence rally held in Glasgow: 10-15,000 turn out in the rain
Scottish independence is moving to a far more extreme rhetoric
14:20 – The Critic: Policing History – calls for a truthful examination of Irish history
19:28 – UK Column article: EU Defence Union Command and Control – the smoking gun
EU taking control of autonomous military operations without nation state agreements
Boris: still no clear statement on command and control of UK military assets…
Are we sliding from a UK-US (NATO) defence system to a UK-EU defence system…?
UK military Officer Corps must step up to the plate and ask questions
31:46 – How common is the word ‘Common’…?
Civil Service Learning 2020: Cabinet Office highly over-represented
A culture of learning for a collective – communism by the back door…?
KPMG (Common Purpose) are training management and leaders…
This is the mental reframing agenda by means of applied psychology and NLP
Civil Service Learning partner: meet The Whitehall & Industry Group
WIG’s patrons: Bank of England, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Cabinet Secretary
Government now needs big business and charity sector to function…?
KPMG team are already highly involved in NHS training – this explains so much
None of this has been declared to the public…
Mark Carnage: a framework for all seasons…? It feels like winter is coming…
Introducing Nikolai Dmitriyevich Kondratiev and his four seasons
Preston Byrne: Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) is going to ruin everything
50:18 – Angela Ray imprisoned in Ireland after campaign ro reunite her with her son
Ireland’s TUSLA: oppression is their main tool