UK Column News - 13th February 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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START – NATO Defence Ministers are meeting today
Gavin Williamson: Britain’s ‘key leadership role within NATO’…
Message to Russia: they are out of compliance on the INF Treaty
The diplomacy level is currently lower than during the Cold War
Building up a threat where no threat exists…?
Russia continues to look for diplomacy, the west continues to agitate
06:42 – The Russiagate flop:
US Senate uncovers no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump and Russia
2.5 year investigation, 200 witnesses, 300,000 pages of documents, cost so far: $30m 
The new Red Scare: the show trial of Maria Butina – The Spy Who Wasn’t…
MainStream Media had huge coverage of this story retractions
14:29 – UK: we will develop ‘swarm squadrons of network-enabled drones...’
DSTL: unmanned aerial systems (drones) to be used for wildfires ‘to save more lives’
17:11 – Yemen: Jeremy Hunt and US Mike Pompeo are meeting to discuss the crisis
This should have been done four years ago…the MSM has hidden this war
20:49 – Matt Hancock announced end of Leveson 2 over a year ago
MSM is losing its commercial footing – independent media is growing
The Cairncross Review: a sustainable future for journalism…?
Facebook and Google now taking the lion’s share of advertising revenue
New ‘independent’ institute should be created to ensure future provision of news…
Jeremy Wright: a healthy democracy needs high quality journalism to survive
Review author Dame Frances Cairncross: who was her uncle John…?
MainStream Media is the creator of most fake news – a proven fact
21 Wire article:…
38:30 – USA: whatever you do, don’t mention AIPAC…
How much time do US politicians spend defending a foreign nation and why…?
Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar: another accused of anti-semitism
21 Wire article – Omar’s Dilemma: AIPAC, Zionism & Weaponized Identity Politics
43:28 – France: Jérôme Rodriguez permanently loses use of his right eye
45:29 – Political & financial commentator Lyndon LaRouche passes away aged 96