UK Column News - 13th December 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Election result: people’s government has been formed
Politico: a third of UK voters will cast ballots tactically – poll
Voter turnout down slightly from 2017 – the Tories take 364 seats
Brexit not the only issue: Scottish independence and Irish border still unresolved
Lord Ashcroft’s polls: more accurate than before with a broader demographic
Tory strategist Lynton Crosby now replaced…who is Isaac Levido…?
Bumbling Boris on the surface but big planning moves go on in the background
Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn: I will lead the party while we discuss the future
2019 General Election was a Brexit protest vote
Corbyn tried to placate both sides and failed – why did he do this…?
The working class moved to support Brexit by voting Tory
The blame game: who is to blame for Labour’s defeat…?
It’s the Russians…! It’s US President Trump…! It’s socialism…!
In reality blame lies with the Blairites, the Israeli lobby, the BBC and the Five Eyes
Now the predictable backlash: BBC and MSM seriously weakened
Israeli/Jewish lobby also in the firing line along with traditional party politics
Liberal Democrats’ Jo Swinson loses her seat – not winning…
Other 2019 election winners and losers
Has Boris ended up with a working majority…?
Withdrawal Bill has to become Withdrawal Act…Future Relationship to follow
Brexit deadline can still be extended a further two years at least…
Labour’s John McDonnell: there are fears now for the future of our democracy
Who rides to the rescue…? A Police State may follow with more public surveillance
Nigel Farage: the Brexit Party will become the Reform Party
The future narrative: representative democracy is failing, we need citizen’s assemblies
Citizen’s assemblies provide no accountability to the people