UK Column News - 13th December 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Rpbinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit – Treason May survives the vote of no confidence
May under the same stresses as Hillary Clinton…?
Which union is she protecting…the UK or the EU…?
European Council meeting starts today
Brexit delay is very convenient for the EU…
7:54 – Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft update
Alan Duncan’s angry response in the House to questions from Emily Thornberry
All disinformation and ‘alternative narratives’ are now Russian...
More questions from Chris Williamson – Alan Duncan has no answers
Head of National Security Council & Cabinet Office – who is Mark Sedwill…?
Also involved is the mysterious Andy Pryce…where is the accountability…?
What is the Integrity Initiative…? A short briefing paper available as a PDF
Institute for Statecraft director Chris Donnelly: a fan of Karl Marx…
War is no longer a threat – it is an instrument of change…?
EU leaders to fight disinformation – driven by the EU or by Britain…?
Russian Duma putting bills through to stop disinformation
Modern Russian Federation still being conflated with Soviet Russia of old
Most of the disinformation is coming from the west…notions of truth
Russian media reports Yellow Vest protests; France investigating Russian interference
Western propaganda: trust us, don’t trust the Russians…
Alliance for Securing Democracy: full of deep state actors such as Chertoff & Podesta
We must implicitly trust these people: we’re here for your benefit…
The deep state knows no borders – it is a worldwide collaboration
39:13 – Daily Express fearmongering: Typhoons scrambled due to Russian bombers
Analysis of a fake news story – Russian bombers on regular routine…
Meet the Express Russian scare story journalist: the two-year veteran Rebecca Perring
Typhoon now armed with the new MBDA Meteor air-to-air missile…
46:39 – John Smith and Rob Sproul fighting to uphold Common Law