UK Column News - 13th August 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Boris and the rise of the ‘New Right’
Steve Bannon: in Labour’s sights
Brookings Institute: ‘the rise of the Alt-Right’
Newsweek: White nationalists likely to be low-income, uneducated…
The Sun: Brexit overwhelmingley supported by uneducated low earners
This is a fake, engineered agenda…
04:52 – Sharp-eyed viewer sees the youth plan – a wing of Common Purpose…?
National Citizen Service: money no object…the taxpayer will cover it
A government-controlled army of young people
NCS board of directors: who is Stephen Greene…?
CEO Michael Lynas: from $3.5 billion management firm to NCS
When did the public vote for these people to ‘reframe’ or teach their children…?
14:09 – Cabinet Office: Big Society Policy and Social Action Team…
Unaccountable government controls EVERY aspect of our lives
Big Society: driving government control into every community social charity
19:14 – New homeless strategy released: no more homeless people after 2027
Homeless strategy: Prevention – Intervention – Recovery = a PR veneer
21:58 – NCS brings young people together in a Common Purpose…
No child left behind = no child allowed to escape the Big Society agenda
Integration: who are the ‘independent’ Social Integration Commission…?
No mention of the plan for immigration misery…
27:02 – 5G talk: Totnes update
27:33 – Yemeni children protest Saudi-led aggression after school bus airstrike
Sunday Wire episode #245: discussion with Hussain al Bukhaiti from Yemen
28:57 – Russia: sanctions renewed – Russia refuses to be bullied
American warship USS Carney enters the Black Sea…
31:57 – Atlantic: US Navy officer warns of increased Russian & Chinese activity
Camouflage: US Air Force uniform announcement is a bundle of confusion
US Marines: How many planes do we have…? Err, not too sure
This is a planned chaos agenda within the US military
35:57 – UK Column viewer spots UN Agenda 2030: Surrey Citizen Space
Surrey: the only place to be…a future utopia…or just applied psychology…?
Jam tomorrow…but tomorrow never comes
42:38 – UK Column on holiday: 16 August – 3 September