UK Column News - 13th August 2015

Eric Pickles Plymouth City Council and Electoral Fraud, Plymouth City Council Our Place Our Base, Families tire of waiting for Chilcott and call for legal action, GCHQ employs psychologist Mandeep Dhami to train staff on psychological operations, GCHQ's Art of Deception and the attack on public social media, Guardian Army 77th Brigade warfare by social media home and abroad, Guardian MI5 trained Mussolini and who else?, Google Apple CIA and GCHQ spy plan behind closed doors no public allowed, Private email Brian Gerrish finds way to Elish Angiolini court case - hacking?, MI5 dirty work and new stasi warns astute policeman, David Cameron heads whole 'intelligence machinery' but GHQ MI5 and others can't find establishment paedophiles, UKColumn posts article on Regina v Ben Fellows, Gold demand falls as commodity hoards increase, Democracy too difficult so Government bypasses Local Councils over fracking, Altus DFID and George Soros plan world collaborative policing, Mark Anderson American Free Press update with Mike Robinson