UK Column News - 13th April 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott are joined by Piers Robinson for today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
More scientific organisations are asking questions about CoronaVirus
CV testing seems to produce a large amount of false positives
Piers Robinson: attacked online for asking questions about CoronaVirus
Attacks are designed to silence dissent, limit debate and smear questioners
How many genuinely independent scientists are there in academia now…?
15:41 – Boris discharged from hospital – delivers NHS tribute
Government to insist on CV tracking app before lockdown is lifted…?
MainStream Media: 3 months ago attacked Boris, now defends him regardless…
21:38 – Ian R. Crane – good news following operation
24:10 – 2011: Bill Gates Foundation awards $20 million to BBC World Service Trust
Gates Foundation has also been donating millions to BBC Media Action for years
BBC donations are a bung to buy media power and persuasion worldwide
Bill Gates: an unqualified ‘health expert’…
Event 201 (November 2019): a pandemic simulation by John Hopkins University
Most world-changing events have been mysteriously preceded by a simulation…
Twitter busy pushing Lady Gaga and Bill Gates as potential ‘follows’
British government is in bed with Bill Gates and other billionaires & their agendas
Who voted for these people to be controlling government policy…?
Gates Foundation has not committed itself to any form of compliance
The dark lord of British government and media…but just who is Bill Gates…?
Bill Gates: just the man to make millions from compulsory CV vaccinations…
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposes Bill Gates’ vaccine agenda in scathing report
Gates Foundation vaccination programs have killed and injured many people worldwide
Gates Foundation was asked to leave India after paralysing 490,000 children…
Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The WHO is a sock puppet for the pharmaceutical industry
USA: Washington field hospital to be dismantled before ever treating a patient
NHS Nightingale hospital: no updates since the announcement of it opening
US Federal Reserve now excedes $6 trillion of money printing…
International Development: a further £200 million donated to prevent CV abroad
49:16 – Twitter: police tweeting further threats to end liberty…?
USA: drive-in church service targeted after mayor prohibits such services
UK: police smash their way into home looking for a ‘social gathering’…
Common Purpose insisted people in power should act ‘beyond their authority’
The public are creating some great memes to fight back