UK Column News - 12th October 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ)
Vanessa Beeley included in NCTJ list of 238 most trusted journalists
04:21 – 21 Wire: Sweida – a bloody massacre barely registered by western media
Collusion between US coalition and ISIS terrorists…?
Channel 4’s Jon Snow: I will try to track down the C4 report on Sweida…
Jon Snow uses unverified sources and fails to adhere to his own journalistic ethics
BBC spin: Jeremy Bowen – why I fight alongside ‘Assad’s forces’ in Idlib
Jonathon Allen’s Contest: completely avoids mentioning Syrian deaths from terrorism
20:48 – Anyone questioning the Syrian narrative is now a right-wing extremist…
Prevent legislation being used by local councils to silence debate & close venues
British Army is now ‘far-right’ after posing for photo with Tommy Robinson
British people must hate their history and their people or they are ‘far right’
Many public figures ‘confused’ about what is happening in Parliament…
This is an orchestrated breakdown of the country – society is under heavy attack
The British political class is deliberately destabilising Britain
David Coburn MEP recognises the real danger of Common Purpose infiltration
Conservatives blew the whistle on the Tory plan to unleash chaos…
37:26 – Google: ‘The Good Censor’ - briefing admits abandonment of free speech
Anticipatory Regulation: a way forward for platform governance…?
The Thought Police are becoming a reality
41:38 – BBC: K-pop is very important BBC news…
BBC News: who is Head of News Paul Royall…?
43:43 – 5G: Mark Steele in court – judge refuses to gag the anti-5G campaigner
Gateshead Council launches its own funeral service…
47:45 – BBC: woman billboard removed after transphobia row
BBC: should woman be spelt womxn…?
The English language is now transphobic…? Words should mean what they say
50:16 – James Woods tweet: if only all politicians were this honest
Political funders matter more than constituents…
51:44 – Teflon Tony: we need a second Brexit referendum…