UK Column News - 12th October 2015

A reminder Panorma victims were not children but Leon Brittan and Harvey Proctor, Mystery Babylon Exaro accuses BBC of video theft, Daily Mail uses kinky sex to nudge public to Putin invasion Europe, Belarusian President wobbles between Russian and West as no man can have two masters, RAF Tornados armed and very dangerous as Brimstone missiles drop off, RAF given all clear to shoot down Russian aircraft - not, Russians stealing UK submarine accoustics according Henry Jackson Soc, Express attacks Tom Watson over poor Leon Brittan, Guardian uses NSPCC to nudge public away from VIP abusers, Mirror reports first post Panorama suicide, BBC distracts public from abuse to weird Christians, exorcism and witchcraft, All charges dropped against Neelu Berry brave Hampstead abuse campaigner, Hypocrite Leveson magicks modern political judiciary, UK Supreme Court Judges support political climate change agenda, UK State Pension debt 5 trillion yet State asks for top ups, Fat cat multi-home Kenneth Clarke roots for Chancellor to cut tax credits, Private sector pay grows well not quite, Housing Bill to deliver homes to the affluent with strings, Scottish State says trust us to protect your child as female Named Person convicted child sex offences, Scottish Government dispenses with real names as Scottish Government issues Press Releases, Well done LibLabCon as NHS £842m in the red and ripe for privatisation.