UK Column News - 12th November 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – EU military unification: European army to protect from Russia & USA…?
President Putin: Jacques Chirac talked to me about it (EU military) before
Putin: positive from the standpoint of strengthening multipolarity of the world
04:59 – Ex-RN Admiral: modern warfare requires tight military and political control
Britain losing this ability as well as NATO...Russia has learned to master this
EU military union will not offer this control…
07:22 – Armistice Centenary: President Trump joins other world leaders
Macron more orange than Trump these days…?
09:26 – Treason May: Mansion House speech…still no evidence against Russia
May lost in Alice in Wonderland…
11:55 – Saudi Arabia: Jeremy Hunt visits to push for an end to Yemen bloodshed
Khashoggi incident also to be brought up
14:09 – Swift payment system: Iranian banks to be cut off from global finance
Swift is no longer neutral…
16:34 – US produces Nuclear Posture Review Report
US: if you want peace, prepare for nuclear war
Russia: US analysts seriously considering the concept of a limited nuclear war
21:59 – BBC: Beyond Fake News project – to ‘fight back’ against disinformation…
BBC global project: a special season of programming to ‘increase media literacy’
BBC’s first attempt is Fake News: Russian disinformation and the lab of death
21 Wire article: WMD America – Inside the Pentagon’s Global Bioweapons Industry
BBC attempting to suggest the information is all coming from Russian government
MSM does the same thing with the white helmets: blame the Russians
Alternative media is doing the job that the MainStream Media won’t do
30:03 – Comedy moment: Hillary Clinton will run again…