UK Column News - 12th July 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Media freedom: why is the British Foreign Office so keen now…?
British Government is about to impose restrictions with respect to media…
Ironically, many new organisations are being created to control media freedom
RT and Sputnik were not allowed to participate in the Media Freedom conference
Disinformation: information that doesn’t fit a certain narrative…?
Hybrid Warfare: protecting ‘human rights’ - the rights that are granted by government
The global dictatorship needs to be in control of everything…
UK’s GCHQ spy centre seeks new powers to circumvent encryption
WSWS: the reference to ‘terrorism’ is a fraud
14:43 – Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking of minors
BBC: Epstein best known as wealthy financier connected to business & political elite
BBC asks no questions concerning Epstein’s meteoric rise into elite circles
Ann Coulter: Epstein had a ‘state sponsor’ behind him, used for ‘blackmail purposes’
WSJ: following Epstein’s arrest, spotlight shifts to financier’s longtime associate
American Herald Tribune: did paedophile Jeffrey Epstein work for Mossad…?
Could this be the reason why media control has become such a hot topic…?
20:56 – Office for Tackling Injustices will go further using power of data
Our wise overlords seem to want to control us rather than the other way around…
Plymouth: former special constable had 13,000 indecent images of children & babies
Perpetrator gets a suspended sentence and walks free…
24:50 – Tommy Robinson jailed for contempt of court – he is missing the bigger picture
BBC fake news: Robinson encouraged ‘vigilante action’ on Facebook Live
Robinson: a rabble rouser – who is really funding his operation…?
Robinson only focuses on one aspect of child abuse, limiting public understanding
35:13 – Alternative View 10 DVDs available from UK Column and 21 Wire websites
Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October – Kensington, London
5G awareness events in July: London, Exeter, Totnes and Torquay
36:30 – David Cameron takes on US role with Artificial Intelligence company Afiniti
Afiniti: meet the Board of Directors – consultancy, medical, banking, past heads of state
Orwell’s 1984 has arrived…
Facebook hires Nick Clegg, Google uses speakers to listen to private conversations
42:24 – North Korea changes Constitution to make Kim Jong-un official head of state
Turkey will not abandon purchase of Russian S-400 missile system