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UK Column News - 12th January 2018

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Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – MainStream Media fake news: staged outrage on Trump comments
05:18 – Media censorship: Facebook changing newsfeed information…
07:17 – Europol teams up with Facebook...chasing terrorist ‘ghosts’…?
08:54 – Sounding the alarm on state censorship: Leveson 2…?
11:52 – Sabine McNeill: update on court case
15:39 – BBC only trusted by 1 in 6 Britons: 17% of population…
17:07 – Daily Mail: plastic news far more important than Brexit rally
21:26 – Public Service Mutuals: government privatisation behind closed doors
25:09 – NHS: why do the majority of NHS staff not get the Flu vaccine…?
30:41 – UK military recruitment: open to offers…
32:42 – Immigration checks: banks and building socities now involved
34:05 – 'New Scottish people': refugee integration
39:23 – Scottish Chief Constable Gormley case meeting: no minutes taken…
41:44 – Scottish Police Authority: ‘A waste of time, useless, toothless’
45:12 – Britain is becoming a fascist state