UK Column News - 12th February 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinso with today's UK Column News.

START – Online harms: Ofcom to be the regulator
Ofcom will defend corporate media but not independent free media…?
Ofcom’s board: a closer look at the key people
A look at some curious connections to the European Policy Forum
Ofcom: an ‘independent’ organisation…? Maybe not…
Meet Ofcom’s content board chair, Tum Suter
Why are Ofcom worried about the BBC losing its younger audience…? 
20:35 – The censorship timeline: Cameron calls for internet regulation in 2014
Cameron considers ‘extremism’ to include differing opinions on global events…
How the censorship agenda has rapidly moved forward since 2014
The protection of freedom of speech is not the prime motivator for any of this
Terrorism and child abuse are being used as cover to shut down online discussion
Any dissenting voices not toeing the government line will be suppressed
27:02 – NATO Defence Ministers meeting underway
UK Column article – Brexit: A Deal Not Done
Protecting children: unregulated accommodation to be targeted by Gavin Williamson
IICSA child abuse inquiry still crawling along
32:24 – UK’s 2021 census could be the last, statistics chief reveals
33:26 – Boris’ Brexit bluster: a bridge too far…?
35:42 – Guardian: BP sets net-zero carbon target for 2050 says Looney
Net-zero carbon = A financial shell game…