UK Column News - 12th December 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Westminster chaos…
Treason May: ‘protecting our precious union’ – the European Union…
Brexit timetable might end with taxation without representation
Defence is not part of Brexit – we will remain in EU with respect to defence
Mogherini: EU defence is ‘always at the service of peace’
The EU is moving towards war…an expansion of civilian and military policing
The EU: a dictatorship forming – soon to be martial law…?
Cabinet Office has been driving British policy – subverting the democratic process
The political pantomime continues: Jeremy Corbyn on the attack
The greatest lie ever told to the people of Great Britain: Brexit without the exit…
British MPs now being whipped into silence on EU military unification
UK Column on the day after the EU referendum: proven absolutely correct
UK Column news this week: Thursday 13th program instead of Friday 14th
Treason May boasting she’ll transform world under ‘rules-based international order’
24:07 – Strasbourg: public demos banned amid massive manhunt for gunman
Yellow Vests being cleverly curtailed
26:03 – Ukraine: Poroshenko terminates Agreement with Russia
Just a coincidence: Poroshenko meets with NATO’s Stoltenberg tomorrow…
28:22 – BBC Media Action: busy ‘training journalists’ in 15 countries since 2015
The training program was funded by the EU…
BBC Media Action’s trainer: who is Ellie Haworth…?
Eastern Partnership Media Conference 2017: funded by the EU and FCO
UK Column: still waiting for reply on how much FCO paid to BBC Media Action
A mirror image of the old Soviet system of news propaganda: total media control
MainStream Media now not competing any longer – they are reinforcing each other
BBC: Local News Partnerships – the takeover of local news and media across UK
Local newspapers, radio stations and media outlets are no longer independent
42:30 – Paris riots: don’t tell anyone but it’s those nasty Russians…