UK Column News - 12th August 2015

European Leadership Network get squeamish over european war rhetoric, Russia ramps up military exercises to counter NATO in eastern europe, Dail Mail ramps up ISIS fear on back SkyNews propaganda, Journalists Simon Tomlinson and Richard Spillett spin dross ISIS fear-mongering, SkyNews pumps in ISIS propaganda but shies away from duplicitous role of British intelligence, Ferguson shooting journalists charged as US clamps down on investigative reporting, Los Angeles relies on water 'shade balls' and Panama Canal suffers in extensive drought, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn falls into trap of people's quantitative easing and ignores £13.6 trillion UK debt, Bradbury pound remains silver bullet for debt dragon of City of London, China's July exports to west slump 8% as western economies fail - no worries China exports to East and Asia rise 8%, Russia and China spend $240 billion on strategic high speed rail infrastructure, Judge Pauffley returns abused adopted girl but no crime no blame nothing to see, Alison Saunders head CPS enters her own reality with statement "public confidence increased with my wrong Janner decision", Independent Police Complaints Commission IPCC government controlled, National Police Chiefs Council operation 'Hydrant' is control valve for police child abuse investigations, Dissecting David Cameron's Conservative protection for paedophiles, British government lies with all paedophiles are men claim, Never mind the child abuse British police patrol in Spain to seed European police integration.