UK Column News - 12th April 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Robert Green has passed away peacefully
Robert imprisoned and gagged for life for trying to help child abuse survivors…
UK Column article: Robert Green Remembered
8:11 – Julian Assange arrested: House of Commons cheers
Treason May: no one is above the law…except us…?
Are whistleblowers not safe any longer…is truth now a crime…?
Ecuadorian government receives millions in loans…it’s just a coincidence
Daily Mail: that’ll wipe the smile off his (Assange’s) face
Daily Mail has turned 180 degrees since Paul Dacre left…journalism left with him
Political infiltration of the MainStream Media continues…
18:21 – Mario Draghi (ECB): interest rates to stay at zero for the rest of 2019
Stimulating the economy by money printing is not working – recession coming…?
Cashless society looms large in the future…?
Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has moved gold to a tier-one asset
Banks having to shore up their balance sheets…cliff edge getting near…?
24:21 – Eurasia Future – Adam Garrie: we are all Julian Assange
Ian Murray (Society of Editors) asks for clarification on press regulation changes
MainStream Media not the target of the Online Harms White Paper
Alternative media is the real target…
UK Column article: Censored
32:56 – Consolidation: The Times and The Sunday Times propose a merger
MainStream Media is dying on its feet – lying doesn’t pay…
BBC continues promoting trash to viewers as the British Constitution is destroyed
UK Column’s Brian Gerrish challenges BBC’s Nick Robinson on Twitter
Cabinet Office busy destroying Constitution – Tweets about promoting ‘democracy’
Frederick Forsyth Express article: discusses Constitution but needs to go further
Young Citizens: vision and mission – get to the children and everything will change
Young Citizens partners: banks, law companies, technology companies
Young Citizens Chair: who is Dr Edge Watchorn…?
Government are running this campaign to brainwash children…
45:32 – Robert Stuart running crowd funder to make Syrian children documentary
46:09 – Scottish Daily Record – second Thurso mum raped & filmed before her death
UK Column article – Stefan Sutherland: the unanswered questions