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UK Column News - 12th October 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.


00.29 - Lockdowns are back. Looking at alert levels.


Leaked Document: -

03:20 - Fudging statistics - combining weekly flu and coronavirus surveillance.


PHE Surveillance Week 40: -

Mark Oakford Research: -

06:31 - Evidence which suggests that services will be rationed based upon vaccine status.


Tobias Ellwood Statement: -

10:11 - Blood tests ended.


BBC article: -

Malvern Gazette: -

13:24 - GP letter warning of destruction of the NHS.


Lockdown Skeptics Letter From GP: -

Hancock Tweet: -

NHS Statement: -

Towards A Million change Agents: -

16:25 - UK Column viewers letter to Mark Johnson MP: - Reveals lack of evidence on face masks and that MP's are not engaging directly with their constituents.

24:55 - The Cabinet Office running everything.


Advert: -

Success Profiles: -

36:20 - Royal Tweets - examining the new age references of Prince Charles' recent tweets on climate change.


Royal Tweets:

38:41 - Poverty caused by policy.


Josh Zumbrun Article (WSJ): -

World Bank Article: -

43:57 - The Great Reset - looking at how policy is global through the lense of the soundbite Build Back Better.


Build Back Better Campaign -

European Climate Foundation: -

49:00 - Negative Interest Rates - Evidence shows that the Bank of England is emulating the ECB and looking towards implementing negative interest rates.


BofE Letter: -

52:03 - Central Bank Digital Currencies - preparing for the cashless society.


B0fE Digital Currency Statement: -

54:42 - The Cure For COVID - Prof Dalgleish concludes that government COVID response is not coherent.


Mail article: -

57:37 - Anti Lockdown protests and the growing resistance to government response measures.


Mail Article: -

Edinburgh News: -

EdinburghLive Article: -

Washington Times Article: -

1:00:17 - People mobilising to spread censored information and challenge elected officials. The normality we can use as a form of resistance.