UK Column News - 11th September 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Lord Carloway: prorogation unlawful – had purpose of stymying Parliament
GcMAF Awareness event live: Ian R. Crane and David Noakes reporting
Ian R. Crane 5G talks tour continues tonight in Bournemouth
Government has gone rogue: no representation for the people
08:26 – EU: meet Sylvie Goulard – DG for Defence Industry and Space
EU to speed up the set up of joint military industrial complex…
EU’s Josep Borrell wants ‘a stronger Europe in the world’
EC President-Elect wants to remove the defence veto from EU countries
UK Column article: EU Defence Union Spelt Out By New President of the Commission
EU countries will have no say over how their militaries are deployed
EU also wants control of all European country’s nuclear weapons…
UK defence industry giant Cobham: a foreign takeover imminent…?
Former First Sea Lord Alan West: this is a British business we cannot afford to lose
19:37 – US President Trump dismisses National Security Advisor John Bolton
A strange spy story: MainStream Media cannot agree on the details…
Russia’s Dmitry Peskov: this tale is just so much pulp fiction
Defend Media Freedom conference update: FCO defends ‘an endangered liberty’
British government hypocrisy: ‘defending media freedom’ while infiltrating abroad…
27:20 – Police used to enforce gender-neutral dress code at Sussex school
Nottinghamshire to trial a controversial new sex education programme
Principal of Shirebrook Academy: meet Mark Cottingham
Cottingham: preparing for a world where people have more & more diverse identities
Gov.UK: DoE to introduce compulsory relationships education
Academies are private companies which now control the education curriculum
BBC Teach – RSE KS2: identity – understanding sexual and gender identities
BBC bias being pumped into the system: positive discrimination at work
38:09 – Smart Cities World: hearing finds facial recognition technology lawful
42:12 – BBC fake news: The billionaire hated by the ‘hard-right’…